e at Five Star Custom Blinds offer window tinting at very affordable prices for Residential, Commercial, Marine and Automotive. We use the highest quality window film, and all of our installers are certified in installing window film. We also offer Decorative Frosting. Below are some benefits of Window Tinting...

Energy Efficient

Save money on your Electrical and Gas bill with High Qualigy Window tinting. By reducing the ammount of heat entering your home, Window Film acts as a Secondary insulation to Heat and Cold.

Reduces Fading on Furnature and Carpets

By installing High Quality Window Film, you can protect your precious furnature, carpets and upholstery from fading. By Reducing 99% of Ultra Violet Rays, you can rest assured that your valuebles will keep thier true color for years to come.

Reduces Glare

Tired of trying to watch a movie or your favorite show, and you have a annoyingly large glare reflected on your TV from your windows? By installing High Quality Window Film, this problem is solved and will never bother you again.

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